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Welcome to the Silva Fox Whistles

How close do you want to get?

Silva Fox Whistles are 100% Australian made and owned.  Ron Kiehne owner of Silva Fox Whistles personally handcrafts and tunes every individual whistle ensuring quality and are 100% guaranteed.

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Lil Screamer - New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the block the ‘Lil Screamer’ The note omitted by this Whistle is very similar to that of Whistles used by all of my Fox Hunting Family members including my Dad and my Great Uncle Gilbert with great success from the 1930’s to the 1980’s prior to the Development of the Silva Fox Whistle.

Designed to be used by holding the extended lower lip between your fingers the new design also assists with the ability to use the Whistle hands free.

The “Lil Screamer” is not designed to replace your original Boxed Silva Fox Whistle but is a secondary Whistle to accompany the Silva to be able to switch notes but more so to use on educated Foxes whistled and missed with the Silva, you can now introduce them to a new sound. I suggest you also try to use or blow the ‘Lil Screamer’ in a different manner to the way you blow your Silva and try and produce something quite different.

So good luck with this new product and Good Hunting you never know you may prefer to use the ‘Lil Screamer’ As your go to whistle.

Remember every Whistle is proudly handcrafted by ‘Silva Fox’ himself, Ron Kiehne. .

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How to Buy - Silva Fox Whistle

It is very easy to buy your Silva Fox Whistle online through our secure checkout. Postage is calculated at the checkout and is a flat rate of $9.50 within Australia for parcels under 500 grams or $15.00 internationally for parcels under 250 grams.


We recommend using PayPal as the easiest, cheapest and most convenient payment method. If you prefer to use Bank Deposit (wire transfer), there is a $20 surcharge for accepting foreign payments - please use these details for your transfer and add the surcharge to your total:

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About Us - Silva Fox Whistles

Sometimes a new product hits the market that you don't have to invent - it's literally sitting under your nose.

I speak of the fox whistles I have used for the past 40yrs. Knowing how well they work, a friend suggested that I should make and sell them.

In the summer of 2010, I started the process of refining the product. This included testing different materials and notes, finally coming up with the "Silva Fox Whistle". 

The best Australian whistle money can buy.

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