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Testimonials - Silva Fox Whistle

Testimonial By: Tristram Le-Bon Olive — , United Kingdom

Ron Kiehne 0 3841
This will sound made up but I received my silva fox call today and Ron was kind enough to send a DVD too (many thanks) it's now 23:30 uk time been out since nine on some ground that is not proved to good for foxes and tonight I've shot two both came in a treat. So a big thank you from Tristram in the uk

Testimonial By: Jonathan Potter — WA, Australia

Ron Kiehne 0 2991
I am a farmer and have been shooting foxes for years with the assistance of a button whistle. Always looking to get an edge on the mongrels. A cousin of mine recommended the "Silva Fox" . I was a bit sceptical but hey will give anything a try. Arrived last night and tried it out today. Called a big fox in during the middle of the day to about 10m . Basil did not know what hit him!!!!!

Testimonial By: Glen (NSW)

Ron Kiehne 0 878
Hi Ron, We have to share this with you, we went out on Saturday night and after our earlier success this year being our 1st outing for 2015 getting 48 Foxes, we went back to try another area of the same property, we started fairly slowly but things got busy after 10.30, we checked our Tally Counter at the end of the night and we had Shot 88 Foxes, it was absolutely unreal, the more we shot the more they ran in, generally 3 and 4 at a time. At one stop we shot 5 coming out of a clump of timber and as we had a quick scan to check for any sneaking up for a look there he was leg cocked high taking a Widdle on a Salt Bush not 10 mtrs from us, we could hardly shoot him for laughter but we managed to. The Silva Fox Whistle was doing it’s thing again. Regards Glen

Testimonial By: Cameron Fisher — SA, Australia

Ron Kiehne 0 2940
Went to the farm where i have never seen a fox, got one on the game camera once but that it. Had 4 stands of about 10mins each and had 2 foxes come in even with wind at my back and young kids not sitting still. Was very surprised and very happy! Well worth the money thank you Ron :)