Testimonials - Silva Fox Whistle

Testimonial Bryce

19 February, 2017

Ron Kiehne 0 1578
Another happy customer. Thanks again Bryce for the pic and great feedback. 

Whiste is unbelievable mate called a few from 500m + away into 15 metres from my car.

Testimonial by Mark - Far North Queensland

Wild dog story

Ron Kiehne 0 1835
Hey Ron and team. Just wanted to share a pic of a feral dog I got on my mates property using your whistle. We don't get foxes where we are here in Far North Queensland but a mate told me that they can also call in feral cats and dogs. Here is the proof of that. Two came in together but I failed to get the second. This was taken about 3 hours west of Cairns. Thanks for a great whistle.


Testimonial By: Jean Claude Pieters — , Belgium

Ron Kiehne 0 3048
I ordered my whistle and the DVD from Belgium. In 10 days i received it! In half an hour you blow the whistle with the instructions from the DVD. We have a very ferae nature fox on our hunting grounds who ignored every other whistle. With the Silva whistle... he is gone to heaven! Great whistle, excellent service, 200% reliable!!! Thanks Ron!

Testimonial By: josh turnbull — QLD, Australia

Ron Kiehne 0 3053
i final got my whistle and went out last night to the family property i was whistleing for about 5 minutes when foxes started coming from every where far better then the button or tennerfeild whislte i have used in the past. chers guys