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Ron Kiehne
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Testimonial By: Glen (NSW)

Hi Ron I would just like to share with you how we have found the performance of your Silva Fox Whistle’s against “Basil” as he is known to us, which we have been using for some time ourselves and also sell in our Hunting and Fishing Store. I myself as we have discussed have always been an avid Fox shooter and have always enjoyed the challenge of snaring these cunning Critters, especially when it takes quite a bit of patience and technique to get them within range to dispatch them. I like many other Australian’s have used the Old Button Fox whistle for years, however since using the Silva Fox Whistle the poor old Button Whistle doesn’t get much of a run these days. Towards the end of 2013 I had shot approximately 280 Foxes for the year, mostly by myself but at times with a Mate here and there, I then started going out with another keen Fox shooter who works in my Shop as a Gunsmith, by the end of 2013 we had together shot a total of 765 Foxes for the year. In 2014 we were in Full Flight, at the end of 2014 we had shot a Total of 1,130 Foxes, we keep a Tally with a Hand Counter, each time we Dong a Fox we click them on the Counter. Our Best night in 2014 was in a single paddock, we had just been in the 1st paddock of the night where we shot a quick 7 Foxes, we then moved up the road to another larger paddock and as we drove in the gate we saw “Basil” as he is known to us resting under a tree, we quickly fixed him up and saw another Basil further out in the paddock, we drove out to about where we thought we should see him and stopped, had a scan around with the light and couldn’t see him. We then picked up the Silva Fox Whistle and gave it a Toot, then all hell broke loose we had eye’s everywhere, we kept whistling and they kept coming in, it was like Fire Fly’s, we thought we had died and gone to heaven, in no time at all we had shot 18 Foxes, there were still more so we moved about 200mtrs and shot another 6. We could not believe what had just happened, it was an awesome experience and one we certainly won’t forget, that night we went on to shoot a total of 53, and we both agreed that the night could not have been possible without the Silva Fox Whistle. What we have found with the Silva Fox is awesome, we average 30 Foxes a night, we have had only one night out this year and we got 48 Foxes, the Silva Fox whistle was on song getting 2 and 3 to come in at the same time. We have sold a lot of Silva Fox Whistles to our customers and they all Love them, they do take some practice to blow but once mastered they are awesome. Great product Mate, we will let you know how we go this year. Regards Glen Riverina Hunting & Fishing
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