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Ron Kiehne
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Testimonial By: Matt L.

Just wanted to let you know I whistled in my first fox on Saturday, after giving Ron a call a few weeks ago for some tips. Have been trying to do this on and off for years without success. Spotted the foxes lying up in the grass 590m away, they were on full alert and looking at me. I slowly went to ground (was in ASAT camo) and slithered under the nearest tree. Gave the whistle a blow and fox no.1 took off in the opposite direction at light speed. The second fox just sat there not paying me any attention. I continued to blow a husky, rasping sound for 10 mins, she looked at me but was content with her sunny patch. Getting frustrated I blew a few really high pitched brassy squeals and she was instantly up on her feet, trotting down the hill. I caught sight of her again on the opposite bank of a small creek about 50m away. She sat there and cocked her head, looking at me. I gave it one more high pitched squeal and she bolted- I had no idea where. Wind was blowing hard, right into my face. About 30 seconds later I see flash of red and there she is bolting towards me. I drew back my bow and dispatched her cleanly at 6 meters. I was shocked. I have watched so many hours of other people doing it over the years with no luck, to have the fox bolting in so close was amazing. The farmer was pleased, first fox taken with a bow on his place in its 150yr history. He had lost 4 lambs the day before to foxes so I was happy to lend a hand. Given that the property has been rabbit free for a number of years he was amazed that a fox came to the whistle.
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