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Testimonial from Jeff to Sporting Shooter Mag
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Testimonial from Jeff to Sporting Shooter Mag

May 2014

Hi Marcus,

Just wanted to share an amazing and very successful weekend. It started on Friday after I purchased your magazine. The cover of the Fox lured me in because just recently me and my partner had spooked some foxes on a Bush walk. 

I then went on to read your tips on Fox whistling. It was such an insight, considering the only other time I have seen a Fox was spotlighting some stubble out past Dalby. So needless to say this was a whole different experience for me. The terrain that you describe was what we saw on our Bush walk, all the key factors were there and I knew there were foxes there. 

Saturday I went to the gun shop in Orange and was lucky enough to pick up the last Silva Fox whistle. I was surprised after a couple of tries I picked up the sound almost straight away, bear in mind I had never even seen a whistle in the flesh before. The drama I had was me and my partner are traveling/working around northern NSW. Originally from Brissy. So I didn't have any of my guns, knifes, or camo. So the trusty slr camera and phone would be my hunting companions. Needless to say it's on public land. 

We went back to the place where we had spooked the foxes, my partner stayed back at the picnic ground. She wasn't too keen of having a Fox running at her. The trail wound around a nice little creek, farm land on one side and Bush land on the other.

I found a large tree on the edge of the creek, sat down and started to whistle. I gave it a good 15mins, and I thought nothing was around. This was also the spot where I spooked the foxes. I remembered that you mentioned check your flanks. I looked to my right just on the other side of the trail, there he was! Not more then 10m away! Safe to say it scared the Shit out of me. I don't know how long he was standing there but he didn't seemed too phased. I had my phone videotaping and he only moved off when I spoke. What a thrill!

First Fox, with my first whistle, on my first crack at it! I moved onto another tree, and only managed to get one interested from about 250m but nothing came of that. Moving on there was a large Rocky outcrop, I climbed up a bit and wedged myself amongst some rocks. It worked out well because it matched the grey colour of my jumper. Gave it another good whistle. Spotted one charging down the far hillside, lost him until I saw him antelopeing through the grass towards me. He got my scent as he reached the rocks. No mistaking that one no hesitation. 

I walked on, stopped dead in tracks by a feeding Fox not more than 25m away, pouncing on insects. He never even knew I was there so I dropped to my belly in the middle of the trail. Gave a few whistle and seconds later he came bounding through the grass, stopping a few metres from me. Adrenaline was certainly pumping now! He stayed around for what seemed like an eternity. I videod the whole thing. He was moving off slowly, I yelled 'hey'! He then looked back at me and started moving back in. Such a crazy experience. 

For my first trip, I managed 6 foxes seen, and 3 that came in close to the whistle. 

Sunday saw me venturing out to the Macquarie woods between Orange and Bathurst. We had walked there before and spooked foxes as well. I drove out to a likely spot, surveying it I found 3-4 possible stands. Walking I to the wind and behind the stands I whistled a lot to no avail. Thinking there was nothing around I was getting pretty relaxed. I was just leaning against a tree whistling every now and then, off in my own little world. Looked up, saw a Fox sitting down about 15m away! Just chilling but still suspicious. They just seem to pop up! 

Moving on to another stand, I had confidence that there maybe Fox. Sitting in front of a tree in the open, I was doubting my chances. 10mins later sees a Fox pop his head up from a gully 50m in front of me. With an unobstructed view of my he sat there for a few minutes until the call of the whistle was to much. He slinked over slowly towards me, at about 5m he proped broadside. What a view! Wishing I could've taken a picture, he was a stunning animal. 

The afternoon went on and I saw a few more foxes but none were as interested. Such an intense weekend, so much happened and so quickly. All thanks to your magazine! 

Sorry for dragging it on mate but I'm hoping you of all people might appreciate a hunting story. It just shows you that if you get the right information and location, you can get it done! Thanks for a ripper mag, and awesome tips and information! 

Hope you get a kick out of this story, as I got a kick out of 'whistling em in' Look forward to hearing from you Cheers guys Jeff
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