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1 Mar 2013

Chinese Rip Off

Chinese Rip Off

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They say that copying is the highest form of flattery, but not when it comes to someone copying and ripping off a product that has taken you months to develop and far longer to market. The flattery very quickly dissipates especially when it is a product that has been in your family for over 100 years. Any one who owns a Silva Fox Whistle is aware of its quality and effectiveness. I have always intended to manage a small all-Australian business, using all-Australian products. I hand form and tune each individual whistle personally to guarantee and maintain quality. Even our new DVD is produced by Mad CD’s in Sydney, when everybody I spoke to told me to have them produced at a reasonable price I would have to go overseas. But luckily they were wrong.

Recently it has been bought to my attention that an established wholesale hunting, shooting and archery supplier has been doing the rounds of NSW and elsewhere asking retail hunting outlets if they had ever seen one of these products and produced a boxed Silva Fox Whistle. He then proceeds to give the sales pitch on how he will be wholesaling this product in the near future. In further discussion one shop owner was then reliably informed that the company Nolan Wholesale Pty. Ltd. will be having them mass produced in China. Quality assurance? Ha Ha!! 

By now as you can imagine I am none too impressed, so I decided to track down the owner (who is also the rep) of this company. When I phoned him and asked if it was true that he intended to copy and wholesale the Silva Fox Whistle his reply was “yes” and he sounded quite chuffed with himself. I then informed him that I was the proprietor of Silva Fox Whistles and that I knew that he had been using my product to advertise and promote his intended rip off. The phone went silent momentarily, maybe speechless from being caught out, and he then replied “Oh but it won’t have “Silva Fox” engraved on it…big deal…Ha Ha. 

So you see Mr. Nolan; I love Australia and the dinky-di people in it. And you are not one of them. I also hate the fact that our great country and it’s products are being sold off to China and other countries for a mere pittance, including our land, water, gas and electricity, to name but a few. I maybe only one person but I am making a stand against people like you who thieve things that don’t belong to them. I think everybody should do the same against the multinationals flogging off our wonderful country and products. Peter Nolan, you decided to start a war with Silva Fox and fired the first bullet. It is apparent that you don’t know what happens when you poke a hornet’s nest. So this is me returning fire. Only one of many, many more to come if you intend to pursue your unscrupulous ways.

In wrapping up I would like to inform all my fellow hunters and shooters and retail outlets of what could be just around the corner. So be aware that there could be some counterfeit Silva Fox Whistles hitting the market in the near future.

I can assure you that I will continue to produce the same whistle that you have come to appreciate for the quality product that it is and keep it in Australia as a home grown product. 

Ron Kiehne

Owner and producer of Silva Fox Whistles.

If you want to view or join the discussion on this issue, please see this post on our facebook page.

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