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About Us - Silva Fox Whistles

Sometimes a new product hits the market that you don't have to invent - it's literally sitting under your nose.

I speak of the fox whistles I have used for the past 40yrs. Knowing how well they work, a friend suggested that I should make and sell them.

In the summer of 2010, I started the process of refining the product. This included testing different materials and notes, finally coming up with the "Silva Fox Whistle".

I'm not laying claim to being the inventor of this product as they have been around for 100 years. However, I feel with the modifications I have made to the "Silva" whistle, it is much improved on the original.

Some people say that there are only certain times of the year you can whistle up a fox and never in summer but during the test period from October to March 2010, I whistled up over 180 foxes, of which I disposed of 70. Also feral cats, crows and numerous types of birds and even wedgetail eagles come in for a look.

These whistles have been constructed so that one day they may become a shooters heirloom.

Convinced? Click here to buy the Silva Fox Whistle with optional DVD.


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